What is Bit4X?

Bit4X is a Forex trading bot that makes use of algorithms to trade on your behalf. Thanks to its cutting-edge software, it even adapts trades to the market conditions without you having to lift a finger. The bot runs on autopilot on a 24/5 basis and trades with over 27 indicators that align over 28 forex pairs.

There are a lot of people in the world today who greatly benefit from Forex trading. There is more than one way to profit from Forex trading but to figure it out for yourself can take years. You could end up losing more money than making money. That is why the Bit4X bot is the ideal tool for anyone who is looking to earn a passive income.

Bit4x does not promise exorbitant returns since there is no such thing in Forex trading.

Reap the Benefits of the Forex Market

How does Bit4X work?

Deposit Bitcoin into a PAMM account

All you have to do is to deposit Bitcoin into a PAMM account that is linked to the bot’s trading account. A PAMM system or Percentage Allocation Management Module is a special Forex tool that allows for collective investing in the Forex market whilst giving traders full access and control to manage their own funds.

Bot Mimics its Trades to your Account

Basically, the bot mimics its trades to your account. This means that you have complete control over your funds and can exit at any stage. You may take profits from the account whenever you wish. Please note that Bit4X is selling a service and not the actual bot.

Peace of Mind

The bot makes between 4 – 8 trades per day and adapts to changing market conditions automatically. It is a known fact that fundamental factors can greatly impact trades and either increase or decrease the value of a trade. It gives a trader great peace of mind knowing that there is a bot looking out for their best interests.

How to pick a Trustworthy Forex Trading Bot

It is a fact that a trading bot can accommodate more trades than a human being. Bots do not tire and they do not FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Trading bots are therefore more beneficial. It goes without saying that one should take caution when entrusting your money to a trading bot since they can be subject to scams and frauds. Being vulnerable and entrusting any bot or human trader for that matter, can lead to losses. So how does one choose the right trading bot?

You look at its past trades. After all, the proof is in the pudding. Remember that the bot is only as good as the brokerage who is offering its services. Ensure you validate the bot’s features.

The Bit4X trading bot has been back tested and according to statistics, can generate up to 140% return per annum. The bot’s technical indicators are solid and mathematically work out.

With Bit4X, you are in control of your funds. You deposit the funds and take out profits. Bit4X does not perform these tasks on your behalf. Thereby eliminating any possibility to fraud and corruption. Bit4X only charges a service fee for the use of the trading bot.